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The matchcheck

Matchakollen - Renée Voltaire

The most common mistake a matcha newbie makes is buying cheap matcha as their first, because you don't want to spend a lot of money on something you're not sure you'll like. The choice usually tends to fall on a low-quality matcha with a bad taste and unfortunately the experience is not very good.

Unfortunately, there are no rules for classifying matcha, but it is up to the supplier themselves to decide how they want to classify it. But there are some tricks to use to be able to judge the quality yourself!

It is with matcha, as with so much else, that the price reflects the quality. A high-quality matcha is sold in a small jar because matcha is sensitive to oxygen. A matcha sold in a bag has already started to oxidize due to the air in the bag and will not taste as good.

Look – the color should be intense bright green (watch out for brown, yellowish matcha).

Smell – it should smell fresh and clean (watch out for a musty smell).

Feel - how does it feel between your fingers? It should feel soft and silky.

Taste - matcha is good and the taste should be pleasant. A little sweet, a little grassy, ​​a little bitter (different matcha tastes different, watch out for bitter matcha).