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Botanize pot – Spike
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Botanize pot – Spike

790 kr
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  • H 10 cm Ø 9 cm
Spike from Japanese brand Botanze is all about light and shadow, creating a silhouette that matches the iconic cacti and succulents. For drainage, pierce the prepared holes in the bottom.

Created by Ken Yokomachi, Botanize has begun to bring together the world of cacti and streetwear. This Japanese brand has for many years not only collaborated with talented other creators in the plant world, but also collaborated with Vans, Timex and Bearbricks. In Japan and the rest of the world, cacti and succulents have increased in popularity and in large parts of Asia you see these plants but only a potted plant for the home but that collects objects, where the pot or just as much important as the plant. Their own line of pots is nothing like the marked one, made from EPA(PLA) a material commonly used in the gardening industry.

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