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Daruma Doll – Successful Career
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Daruma Doll – Successful Career

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  • Successful Career
  • Papier-mâchee
Daruma is a papier mache doll and a kind of talisman from Japan with several hundred years of history and myth-making. They are said to bring good luck and success, encourage self-discipline and are meant to motivate the owner to do what it takes to achieve their goals – whatever obstacles may stand in the way! Daruma doll is modeled after the Buddhist monk Bodhidharma who introduced Zen Buddhism to Japan, who is said to have fallen asleep after years of meditation. Filled with disappointment at his lack of self-discipline, he tore off his eyelids never to break his meditation again. From the eyelids then shot two shoots of the very first tea plants - it is said that this is why Buddhist monks drink tea, to stay awake before and after meditation. As the owner of the doll, your task is to set a goal for yourself and fill in a pupil in one of the doll's eyes. When you have reached the goal, fill in the second pupil - then your Daruma shows that you have been true to yourself and kept your promise!

The first Daruman was created in the 17th century in the Japanese city of Takasaki and, according to legend, the monk Bodhidharma meditated there for nine years without a single break. As a result of his sitting still, both arms and legs came loose – hence Daruman's round shape! Daruman's hair growth is modeled after two animals – the eyebrows after the crane's brow and the mustache after the turtle's shell. In Japan, these animals symbolize a long life and refer to the proverb "The crane lives for 1,000 years, the turtle lives for 10,000 years".



"Choose your goal - think about a goal that you want to achieve within the next year!"
– Renee Voltaire

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