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Renée Voltaire Funktionslatte & Matchaskål

KIT: Functional latte & Matcha bowl

358 kr
398 kr
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Functional latte Matcha & Cordyceps Vegan functional latte with Japanese matcha and the adaptogen cordyceps, flavored with cardamom and ginger for a super tasty ready-made supplement mix. Enriched with vitamin B12 which contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and nervous system as well as reduced fatigue and exhaustion. Rich in fiber and protein that maintains muscle mass and normal bones. Completely without additives and gluten. Mix with any hot or cold milk for a latte, or with hot water for tea. Also perfect as a color and flavoring agent in smoothies, juices or porridge. Matcha bowl: Beautiful blue-green matcha bowl - a classic craft The craftsman's skills and personality are reflected in each product and all bowls may therefore have a slightly different appearance. This bowl is glazed in a metallic dark green base. Various shifts may occur.

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