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Matcha - Ceremonial Grade A
Matcha - Ceremonial Grade A
Matcha - Ceremonial Grade A
Matcha - Ceremonial Grade A
30 g

Matcha - Ceremonial Grade A

199 kr
Tax included.
  • Ecological
  • Highest quality (grade A)
  • Chlorophyll rich
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • 1st Harvest
  • Sufficient for about 15-20 matcha bowls
  • Shaded before harvest
Japanese organic matcha powder of the highest quality (grade A) that has been picked, cleaned, steamed and dried according to tradition - considered one of the world's finest teas! A stone-ground green tea with a beautiful intense color, deep flavor and such good nutritional properties that a single cup is equivalent to ten cups of regular green tea. Whisk the powder into beautiful green tea in 70-80 degree warm water or use as flavoring in smoothies, juices and baking.

Our organic matcha powder comes from Japan (Kyoto, Uji) and is of the highest quality. The tea variety is called Tencha and grows in the shade to develop a more powerful chlorophyll. At the beginning of April, a couple of weeks before harvest, the plants are also covered with a cloth. This causes the substances theanine and catechin to stimulate chlorophyll and amino acids, which gives the intense green color and the fantastic nutritional properties. The finest leaves are selected, harvested and steamed before being dried. Stems and leaf veins are cleaned before the leaves are stone-ground into a fine-grained powder. Why beat with bamboo and not metal? Well, because hot water causes the catechins (antioxidants) in the matcha to bond with the metal from the whisk. And we want the antioxidants to bind free radicals, not metal - just like with a bamboo whisk! The tea ceremony is an ancient tradition in Japan and thanks to matcha tea's calming and relaxing effect on both body and soul, it is widely drunk by monks before meditation. And because you drink the whole finely divided matcha leaf, not just the tea water, you get significantly more nutrition and antioxidants than from regular green or black tea.

Användning / Dosering

Dose the matcha powder with a matcha spoon, for normal strength a spoon and for "espresso" a rounded spoon, which is then whisked in hot water (70°) with a bamboo whisk as you pour in more and more water. Always store the matcha powder in the accompanying designer tin can. It has an extra tight-fitting inner lid that protects the matcha powder from oxidizing. Pour the contents of the bag into the jar and close with the plastic lid.

Förvaring / Förbrukning

Oöppnad förpackning: Store dry and cool.
Öppnad förpackning: Store dry and cool.

Återvinning / Sortering

Sorted as metal and plastic.


Japan (Kyoto, Uji)

Matcha (grade A) green tea*. *Organic ingredient.

Näringsdeklaration per 100 g:

1320 kj / 315 calories
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"The Japanese believe that matcha makes you both alert and calm - that's why I have it in everything from lattes and ice cream to smoothies and coconut yogurt!"
– Renee Voltaire

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