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Matcha - Gift set
Kit, 6 parts

Matcha - Gift set

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  • Ecological
  • Match Grade A
  • Classic craftsmanship
  • Authentic Japanese
Package price: You get the nice matcha box with the purchase! Authentic Japanese matcha kit with black matcha bowl. The kit contains everything you need to prepare the tea according to the traditional Japanese tea ceremony - Matcha (30 g), bamboo whisk, whisk stand, bamboo spoon, matcha bowl in black ceramic and a small information sheet - where a quarter to half a teaspoon of matcha is whisked in hot water (70 °) with a bamboo whisk. All packed in a nice black matcha kit box - perfect for storage or a gift!

The organic Matcha powder comes from Japan and is of the highest quality (grade A). Matcha is a finely ground green tea where the entire leaves from the bush have been powdered. It is considered one of the world's finest teas and in Japan it is used in pastries, sweets, cooking and beverages for its nutritional properties and beautiful green color.

The Japanese believe that matching makes you both alert and calm - therefore goes perfectly with most things!

Användning / Dosering

Dose the matcha powder with a matcha spoon, for normal strength a spoon and for "espresso" a rounded spoon, which is then whisked in hot water (70°) with a bamboo whisk as you pour in more and more water. Always store the matcha powder in the accompanying designer tin can. It has an extra tight-fitting inner lid that protects the matcha powder from oxidizing. Pour the contents of the bag into the jar and close with the plastic lid. Hand wash only.

Förvaring / Förbrukning

Oöppnad förpackning: Dry and cool.
Öppnad förpackning: Dry and cool.

Återvinning / Sortering

Sorted as metal and glass.



Match (Grade A)*. *Organic ingredient.

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"Everything you need to prepare a delicious matcha tea according to the traditional Japanese tea ceremony - all in a nice box, perfect as a gift!"
– Renee Voltaire

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