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Matcha - StartKit
4 parts

Matcha - StartKit

629 kr
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  • Ecological
  • Make your own tea ceremony
  • Handmade
  • Highest quality (Grade A)
  • Perfect gift
  • Perfect starter kit
  • Authentic Japanese
Spark your senses for your very own Japanese tea ceremony with a Matcha Starter Kit – Ichi – Go Ichi – E [this moment, this time only]! The kit contains: Matcha - Ceremonial Grade A: Japanese organic matcha powder of the highest quality (grade A) - considered one of the world's finest teas! Matcha whisk: Genuine Japanese bamboo matcha whisk - the most important tool for a traditional matcha! Matchstick stand: Genuine porcelain matchstick stand - maintains shape and extends life! Matcha spoon: Genuine bamboo matcha spoon - doses the matcha with perfect precision! Perfect gift to give to someone you care about a lot - or why not to yourself!

Whoever catches the matcha moment gets his rich reward. In flavors that few can define but no one forgets. In a harmonious feeling of kick and relaxation at the same time. However, few of us get the chance to sit through a traditional tea ceremony in Japan, so feast your senses on the tea with the elegant umami flavor – your own way, wherever you are! The Japanese tea ceremony is a calming traditional act, where method and tools play a big role. The bamboo spoon is therefore advantageously used to dose the matcha powder, which is then whisked in hot water (70°) with a bamboo whisk into the tasty, beneficial drink. The whisk dries optimally on the whisk stand so it preserves its beautiful and efficient shape. Finally, serve on the tray for the perfect matcha moment. The tea ceremony is an ancient tradition in Japan and thanks to matcha tea's calming and relaxing effect on both body and soul, it is widely drunk by monks before meditation. And because you drink the whole finely divided matcha leaf, not just the tea water, you get more than ten times as much nutrition and antioxidants as from regular green or black tea.

Användning / Dosering

Dose the matcha powder with a matcha spoon, for normal strength a spoon and for "espresso" a rounded spoon, which is then whisked in hot water (70°) with a bamboo whisk as you pour in more and more water. Stir with an "M" or "W" motion - the foam that forms when matcha is whipped correctly is as important as the crema in a good espresso.



"A perfect starter kit for an authentic Japanese matcha session - super nice gift packaging!"
– Renee Voltaire

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