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Matcha Bowl - Patterned Beige & Green
Matcha Bowl - Patterned Beige & Green
Matcha Bowl - Patterned Beige & Green
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Matcha Bowl - Patterned Beige & Green

799 kr
Tax included.
  • 3 dl. (H 6 cm Ø 10 cm)
  • Limited edition
  • Classic craftsmanship
  • Mino
  • Authentic Japanese
Exclusive patterned matcha bowl in a unique limited edition - a craft from Mino in Japan! The craftsman's skills and personality are reflected in each product and all bowls may therefore have a slightly different appearance. This bowl is glazed with a floral beige-green pattern. Various shifts may occur.

The ancient Japanese province of Mino is famous for their ceramics and porcelain (as well as glass) crafts. Their history stretches back 1300 years and they positioned themselves among the foremost when porcelain for the tea ceremony was created there during the Azuchi-Momoyama period, at the end of the 16th century. Even today, Minos estates are widely renowned and appreciated for their excellent craftsmanship.

Användning / Dosering

The product is fragile, be careful with its handling. Do not microwave the bowl. Crafts from Japan. Hand wash only.



"The favorite matcha bowl in new pattern and color combinations - a beautiful craft from classic Mino in Japan!"
– Renee Voltaire

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