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Match whisk – Takayama
Match whisk – Takayama
Match whisk – Takayama
Match whisk – Takayama
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Match whisk – Takayama

799 kr
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  • 100 straws
  • Unique craftsmanship
  • Authentic Japanese
  • Real bamboo
Exclusive handmade real bamboo matcha whisk in classic Japanese style with extra round straws from Takayama, Japan - the matcha whisks' Black/Purple Bamboo matcha whisk! Each whisk is a unique piece of craftsmanship where every single straw is carved and shaped with a special knife and carefully knitted - one by one - with a special yellow, green or red thread to perfection. The small knot in the middle of the whisk "blooms out" and the straws straighten out over time. The bamboo is carefully selected from the mountain slopes around Hyogo, Nara and Kyoto.

Matcha is a finely ground green tea where the whole leaves from the bush have been pulverized. It is considered one of the world's finest teas and Matcha is traditionally prepared in a slightly larger tea bowl (and then poured into a smaller one) with a bamboo whisk, called the Chasen. A really good matcha wasp should have at least 80 straws - ours has 100 straws! The foam that forms when the Matcha is whipped in the right way (stir with an "M" or "W" motion) is as important as the crema in a good espresso. Eventually, the small knot in the center of the brush will "bloom" and the straws will straighten. Rinse the whisk thoroughly in water after use and allow it to air dry thoroughly. Store it in the jar it comes in and it will keep its shape better. Why beat with bamboo and not metal? Well, because hot water causes the catechins (antioxidants) in the matcha to bond with the metal from the whisk. And we want the antioxidants to bind free radicals, not metal - just like with a bamboo whisk!

Användning / Dosering

Stir with an "M" or "W" motion - the foam that forms when matcha is whipped correctly is as important as the crema in a good espresso. Rinse the whisk thoroughly in water, allow to air dry thoroughly and store on a matcha whisk stand to retain its shape after use.



"The matchmaker's matchmaker's matchmaker's matchmaker from Takayama, Japan - a unique craft to enjoy with another sense!"
– Renee Voltaire

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