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Incenses - Match
Incenses - Match
260 St

Incenses - Match

325 kr
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  • Unique matcha scent
  • Sensual experience
  • Authentic Japanese
Authentic Japanese unique incense that combines the mild, earthy scent of matcha with the traditional elements of incense burning. When the incense is lit, the fragrance slowly spreads through the room, creating a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere - a feeling of natural freshness and energy! The scent is subtle and soothing, and can help create a relaxed mood that's perfect for meditation, yoga, or just enjoying some quiet time to yourself. For those who love matchate, matcha incense is a way to deepen their love for this green beverage by letting its aroma embrace the mind and the moment.

Incense is a timeless and versatile product that has existed since ancient times. Incense is a perfect mood maker and is often used in yoga, ceremonies or just to create a peaceful atmosphere in the home. Regardless of what the incense is used for, it has a unique ability to seduce our senses by allowing us to relax and regain balance in life.

Användning / Dosering

Length: 8.7 cm. Burning time: 15 min.

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"Mildly scented and unique matcha incense - an enchanting and sensual experience!"
– Renee Voltaire

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